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    • How long does it take to get a building?

      Because we design and fabricate every building for each customer’s specific needs, our delivery time is generally about 6-8 weeks from the time we receive your order. Our sales department can give you a better idea after reviewing your situation.

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      Because we design and fabricate every building for each customer’s specific needs, our delivery time is generally about 6-8 weeks from the time we receive your order. Our sales department can give you a better idea after reviewing your situation.

    • Are the buildings insulated?

      We offer several types and r-values of insulation specifically designed for steel buildings that help control condensation and can also be used for climate controlled buildings. Typically, a climate controlled building has 6″ of vinyl-backed insulation in the roof and 4″ in the walls.

    • What about building codes and loads?

      Every Miller building is engineered according to national and regional building codes with specific wind and snow loads. If your local building department requires a particular code and loading, we will design your building to meet the requirements and provide drawings stamped by a registered architect.

    • Are the buildings all steel?

      Yes, our buildings are all steel construction. The gauge of steel for the main structural members is calculated by our engineers, considering the wind and snow loads. We also can erect a building with masonry walls. The block will have to be installed by a local masonry contractor but we can lock onto the block with our metal flashing.

    • Can Miller Buildings deliver a building anywhere in the United States?

      Yes, and we also ship internationally to Canada, Africa, Puerto Rico, Barbados, etc. Our building quotation will itemize not only the material price with freight but also the erection labor to build your building on site.

    • Is there a Miller building near me that I can go see?

      Miller Buildings has delivered buildings in many locations and there may be one near you. To protect the confidentiality of our customers, we do not publish a list of these locations. However, you may call our sales department to see if there’s a building in your area and we may be able to provide the phone number of the owner. Many of our clients will gladly show off their Miller building when you call!

    • Do you have a price list?

      Since each building is constructed based on load designs and unit mix, we price every job per your specifications with a computerized estimator. Call us today to talk about your plans!

    • What will freight cost?

      There is no exact rule on freight charges. The cost will depend on the weight of the building and distance from our plant. Freight is always included in the building cost

    • Are the buildings painted?

      Yes, the walls, trim and doors are painted with a factory-applied paint which includes up to a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on the factory painted siding and roof material. Attractive color combinations are available on all our buildings. A high-profile, 6″ in 12″ pitch, colored roof is also available on all of our buildings.

    • How to store the materials prior to erection?

      The products are dispatched from our factory in good condition. To preserve these materials, we recommend that the bundles of sheets, purlins or channels are stored 150mm clear of the ground, with a slope of 1:25, to allow for water drainage. Cover the stack with a waterproof cover, leaving the ends open to allow for air circulation.

      Upon receipt of materials, it is recommended that bundles of panels be checked.
      If any water is entrapped between sheets, the sheets should be carefully dried, and then re-stacked allowing for air circulation.

      It is recommended that panels be installed as soon as possible after delivery. Extended site storage is not recommended.

      DSBSL accepts no responsibility for staining of Galvanized, Zinc-alum or Aluminum products, or deterioration of Painted products due to incorrect site storage.

    • What is your technology for making the materials rust free?

      We use shot blasting machine for removing rust from steel. After this we use painting. We naturally provide two types of paint one is grey oxide paint and another is enamel paint. Normally we give one layer of paint enamel or grey oxide as per client’s requirement. We also provide one or two coat paint at site after finishing erection. In special projects such as a project location near or beside sea area, weather is a major factor; therefore we paint as per design requirement.

    • How will I be sure that you are capable of erecting my challenging project?

      We are capable of erecting heavy structures within a considerably short time with our excellent erection teams. For example, our erection team completed main frame erection of one of our structures, the Transit fertilizer Godown Shed (3, 00,000 Sft) of our client (BCIC) at Kalurghat, Chittagong, in just 90 days time.

    • What are the machines uses for fabrication?

      Machine’s use for fabrication –

      – Auto Welding Machine
      – CNC Cutting Machine
      – H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine
      – Roll Forming Machine
      – Gas Cutter
      – Drilling Machine
      – Spray Paint Machine
      – Guss Drill
      – Sand Blasting machine
      – Submerged arc welding (SAW) machine
      – Fitting jig machine for welding lines
      – CNC Drill machine
      – Shot Blasting Machine
      – 30 nos. welding machine from Lincoln electric
      – Press Break Machine
      – 4m Bending Machine
      – Screw Machine
      – Z purlin Machine
      – C Purlin Machine

    • How I will be sure that you are using prime quality materials?

      As for the clients we provide Mill Certificate. We also provide our material sample to the clients so that the clients can check or test the material from reputed testing institute as per their desire.

    • Do I require professional help to erect the building?

      No, together with all the parts of building we provide drawings and erection manual to guide you to erect the building with the help of semi skilled labour. You can also choose to use professional contractor to erect your building. We may also undertake the erection work if it is desired by you.

    • How many doors and window you provide?

      As many you require. All designs may be customized to incorporate windows, doors etc.

    • what is the delivery time for these buildings?

      You may tell us when you require these buildings ready for use and we will make sure it happens on time.

    • Can steel building be delivered anywhere ?

      These buildings can be delivered anywhere as it has nut bolt system for each joints.

    • Do I have liberty to choose design and color of building?

      Yes, Building can be designed as per your needs. We can present various Designs after discussion with you to select one of them as per your requirement. You will be able to choose colors from panel of available colors.

    • How I should find out that what type of building I require?

      You have to identify your requirement and the purpose of building whether it is for factory shed, warehouse, plant, shop, garages etc. Pls identify as to how much space you require to be covered to serve your purpose and send us length, width and height of the building. If you are still not sure-we are here to help identify the building needs.

    • How do I get quote for a DSBSL Building?

      The inquiry should be sent to our sales office in your region. We will design and price each project based on the specifications provided. We will submit a proposal offer with detailed scope of supply, price, delivery and payment terms. On request, Proposal Drawings with column reactions are provided.

    • What is the thickness of your sheeting?

      Our Standard sheeting thickness for roof/wall cladding is 0.47mm to 0.6mm. These are available in various colors. Other thicknesses can be offered too on special order with comparatively longer delivery time period.

    • How do BNBC codes compare with American codes?

      BNBC codes are of Bangladesh based design and serviceability criteria are based on older materials and do not take into account cost saving with finding high strength materials. We recommend accepting latest International design codes as these have been used literally in millions of Dominage Steel building System in North America and other parts of the world and have a proven record of safety. Each year in the US alone, about 2 Million tons of Dominage Steel Building Systems are sold based on International codes.
      Also American codes are continually updated based on the latest research findings. Hence these codes result in a more economical and safe building. BNBC codes are more conservative and will increase weight and cost without adding value to the building. However, if a client insists on BNBC codes we will design and supply in accordance with these or any other codes.

    • How much is the saving in foundations?

      The saving would be basically due to less number of column foundations due to large spans and bay spacing plus reduction in column reactions due to less dead load of steel. It is not possible to quantify the cost savings as it would vary by type of project. Pre-Engineered Building utilize pierced (column) beam as a general rule which results in lighter foundation.

    • Is there any limitation on the minimum size of building?

      No, DSBSL Building System can provide a small car park shed to a massive industrial complex comprising thousands of square meters of covered area.

    • Do you provide a complete building package? What about flooring?

      We can supply the complete steel building including standard accessories. Accessories that are not manufactured by DSBSL can be supplied as buy outs (Rolled Up Doors, Cranes etc.) and can be included in DSBSL’s scope of supply. For mezzanine floors we will provide the steel framing and steel deck. If the flooring is of pre-cast concrete panels, we will provide the floor supports beams.

    • Are Dominage Steel Building systems suitable for any weather conditions?

      Yes, DSBSL has supplied buildings for a range of weather conditions including snow conditions, high desert temperatures, high humidity, proximity to sea, heavy rainfall, cyclone wind speeds, seismic loads, etc… Based on the ambient conditions at site and building usage, we will design and manufacture the building to the specified requirements.

    • What are the advantages of DSBSL Building System?

      Reduction in project cost: Cost savings primarily results from above time saving on the Project. This also results in earlier realization of revenue to owner on a commercial project.

      Saving in construction time: About 30-50% time saving in total project schedule due to fast delivery and quick site erection.

      Low maintenance: High quality paint systems are available for steel and cladding to be provided along with maintenance free service life.

      Large clear spans: Buildings can be supplied in clear spans up to 90 meter, particularly suitable for aircraft hangers, sports facilities, etc…

      Flexibility in expansion: Buildings can be designed for future expansion in length, width and height.

      Energy efficiency: Buildings are supplied with roof and wall insulation to reduce energy costs and improve comfort level inside the building.

    • What is the difference between conventional and DSBSL construction?

      DSBSL Building Systems delivers the complete steel building package to the site from a single supplier as a fully finished product. This includes the structural steel, cladding system and building accessories. Site erection is fast and simple – just bolting together the various building components as per the erection drawings provided. No site fabrication or welding is involved. These results in significant saving in construction time and superior quality compared to conventional steel construction.
      Dominage Steel Building Systems is highly efficient in design due to synergy between building components. Primary members are made of tapered built-up sections and roof/wall secondary members from cold rolled sections designed as continuous beams. High strength steel is used. All structural elements are fully optimized by the computerized design program.

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